ABout Us

ACAIR Insurance Consultancy and Risk Assessment S.A.R.L, proudly celebrated its 25-year anniversary, has been a leading pioneer in the insurance industry in Leba- non since its establishment in 1997. Our team comprises highly specialized consul- tants who possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field since 1989. At the helm of ACAIR is Mr. Elie Hanna, a distinguished professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science and Insurance, as well as a Master’s degree in Interna- tional Relations and Diplomacy. He serves as the President of the Lebanese Insur- ance Brokers Syndicate and holds the esteemed position of First Vice President of the Federation Méditerranéenne des Brokers d’Assurance. Mr. Hanna is also the founder and esteemed member of the Arab Insurance Broker League.

ACAIR stands out as the premier brokerage firm in Lebanon, catering to diverse insurance needs. In addition to our core operations, we have two sister companies, namely ZENITH INSURANCE SERVICES L.C.C in the Sultanate of Oman and Euro Mediterranean Insurance Brokerage LTD in Cyprus. These affiliations further ampli- fy our presence and expertise on an international scale.

Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our extensive network and profound industry insights, positions us as a trusted partner for all your insurance require- ments. With ACAIR, you can expect unrivaled professionalism and comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Few reasons for people choosing ACAIR

ACAIR excels in precise risk assessment, enabling us to advise clients on potential damages and determine the optimal level of self-insurance to minimize costs. With expertise in risk financing, we guide clients in assessing risk assumption and transfer. We also assist insurance companies in designing Treaty Reinsurance pro- grams, ensuring alignment with risk profiles and maximum exposure. Trust ACAIR for tailored solutions and confident risk management, backed by our collaboration with top-tier insurance companies for comprehensive coverage.



Founder and general manager
Elias Hanna
Fadi Hanna
Co-founder and legal advisor
Randa Hanna
Co-founder managing director
Chedid Hanna


Assistant General Manager
Fadi Massaad
Head of Operations, in Muscat, Oman
Saïd Antoun
Advisor to General Manager
Dany Drakebli
Technology advisor
elias azar


Head of Underwriting Department
Ramona Kiwan
Head of Claims and Customer Services
Tania Khoury
Head of Marketing and Training
Joelle Baroud
Head of Accounting Department
attieh ibrahim