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Benefits of appointing
ACAIR as your insurance

Our services extend on a wide range of spectrum including

We provide our clients with independent professional advice on insurance issues and use our knowledge and experience to ensure that customers obtain the most appropriate, competitive and cost effective protection available.

We also prepare tender books for medical and general insurances pertaining to big accounts meeting each groupís needs and expectations.

Risk Assessment: We provide measurement of risk to determine priorities and enable identification of appropriate level of risk treatment. This includes assessing the insurable interest (be it Property, Person or Liability), assessing the risk to be insured and providing the right conditions to be given to the risk, and ensuring that the right coverage are given after handing over of a project.

Product Tailoring: We provide tailor-made solutions to all customersí coverage needs. We present clients with the personal service they require together with insurance at a fair price. We will, in conjunction with our professionals, tailor their coverage to meet their precise needs. We provide an on-the-spot local presence for them and offer the expertise to assist them in minimizing those risks which threaten their financial security.

Coverage: We provide coverage through top insurance companies in the world. This service consists of:

  • Negotiating competitive/realistic pricing
  • Ensuring competition among the various underwriters in the market
  • Providing broadest coverage available which suits the clientís insurance needs
  • Developing wordings appropriate to clientís needs.

Claims: We facilitate the handling of claims and act as a representative on behalf of the customers in requesting the payment of an amount due under the terms of the policy with the insurer. We are available to answer all questions, and, should the occasion arise, to stand by clients in time of need. In addition to making the arrangements for the placing of the insurance, we will also help them through the claims, assisting with the completion of forms and working with loss adjusters. We are proactive in claims handling and ensure swift loss recoveries.

Permanent follow-up: We insure favorable relationship with insurance markets, assess accurate budget forecasting, screen financial capacity of insurance markets, assure market intelligence, and forecast environmental changes.

Training: Because of our presence in the market for a solid period of time, we believe that professional training to and from our staffs is mandatory:

  • In order to meet the standards of both local and regional markets, our employees permanently attend training sessions in several insurance companies with the objective of staying up to date with the latest insurance products available in the market.
  • In parallel, with the aim of focusing on business performance improvement and development, our staffs provide professional training for insurance agents, consultants, brokers and other professional institutions that require such sessions depending on their needs.
    These trainings consist of but not limited to:
    1. Marketing and sales techniques.
    2. Product studies
    3. Strategies and Methodologies.
    4. Dealing with claims.